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Chadar Trek FAQs

What is Chadar Trek?

During winters when the Zanskar River freezes it forms thick sheet of ice which is referred as Chadar and the trek over the frozen Zanskar River is called The Chadar Trek.

When is the best time to go to Chadar Trek ?

The best time for Chadar Trek is from January and February the winters are peak that freezes the Zanskar River.

How difficult is the Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek is considered as moderate trek but the weather conditions make a tough nut to crack as the temperature oscillates between minus 30 degree Celsius to 1 degree Celsius. Though the terrain is fairly gradual as you will be trekking over the frozen Zanskar River which will be a flat walk but in case of broken Chadar you will have to climb or get into the icy cold chilling water.

What are the temperatures during the Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek temperatures will be +5 to -5 degrees and during night they will in the range of -20 to -30 degree. Need not to worry you will not freeze instantly there are villages along the Chadar Trek route and they live there only. It just take initial couple of days to get acclimatized to these temperatures.

How much we have to trek each day?

Normally our trek are designed in such a way that we reach our camp by lunch time and on an average trekking distance is roughly 10 Kms each day and it takes around 7 hours by an average trekker to cover that distance.

Is Diamox advisable ?

Diamox help in acclimatization but we do not advise it please consult your Doctor before taking it.

Who will lead and who all will go along with us ?

All our treks are led by certified & Experienced Trek Leaders and we try and hire from Local people only so that they have good opportunity. Other than a Trek lead we in our team we will have local Guides, Cook, Helpers and Porters.

How big are the groups ?

Normally our is around 15 to 18 trekkers only so that the entire group can get very well and have a memorable trek with us.

What is the minimum number of Trekkers required for Fixed Departures ?

Our Fixed departures are guaranteed even if there is a Single trekker we will proceed.

I am the only girl in trek, is it safe ?

Mountains are much safer then city roads and we say it with conviction. Lot of solo female trekkers join us and only female trekkers share the tent with other female trekkers.

What thing we need to carry ?

You can follow the list at Chadar Trek Essentials ?

What are the charges of Porters who carry my backpack ?

When you are in mountains you should be self-sufficient that you should carry your own backpack you never know what situation you will be in and that is the reason we suggest our trekkers to strictly follow the Chadar Trek essentials list. But still you want to hire a porter the charges would be Rs 800 per day per bag and have to make the payment in advance.

Which type of shoes should I buy ?

Good trekking shoes and Gum boots are must for Chadar Trek. Read more at "How to Buy Trekking Shoes"

How many trekkers will be in one tent ?

Due to the extreme temperatures its better to stay more in one tent. We use three person tent and for couples it will be single tent only.

What level of fitness is expected from the trekkers

Good physical fitness as well as mental fitness is required for Chadar trek. To get a optimum level of fitness you can go through our article How to prepare for the trek.

What is there in Food menu during a trek ?

We server wholesome and nutritious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Evening Snacks normally it’s all veg to keep off wild animals but we do serve eggs.

How to get safe drinking water on the trek ?

We use natural Himalayan spring water and it is consider safe and clean.

What type of vehicles are used for transportation ?

We use Sumo/Xylo/Innova/Tempo for transportation.

What if medical emergency situation arises ?

We carry First aid kit and normal medicines with us and in case of other medical emergencies we rescue the trekker till road and if there is any additional cost involved that will be borne by trekker only. Before the trek it’s your responsibility to get a medical fitness certificate.

Do you think I should bring some medicines with me ?

Yes you have to bring your personal medicine kit which includes your routine medicines and following medicines as well.

Bandage for sprains


Iodine or water filter (optional)

Moleskin/Second skin – for blisters

Antiseptic ointment for cuts

Anti-bacterial throat lozenges (with antiseptic)

Aspirin/paracetamol – general painkiller

Oral rehydration salts

Broad-spectrum antibiotic (norfloxacin or ciprofloxin)

Anti-diarrhea medication (antibiotic)

Diarrhea stopper (Imodium – optional)

Antibiotic for Giardia or similar microbe or bacteria


How do I book a trek with you?

You can book it online (Book Chadar Trek Online) and once made the payment send us the transaction details with trek name, Trek dates, Name, Mobile no. we will send you the confirmation mail.

Can we change the itinerary ?

We reserve the right to change the itinerary depending upon the weather condition and other factors but as per the situation we can alter the itinerary but if any extra cost arises will be borne by trekkers only. Please note that this is a trekking trip into the remotest region & harshest conditions, where many unforeseen events may force us to change the itinerary. In such cases, we or your trek leader will suggest the best alternative similar to your original itinerary.

Can you customize a Chadar Trek ?

Yes Chadar Trek can be customozie, if you would like to travel independently, you are invited to choose any of the trips at your convenient time frame for any number of people. Cost for private trip is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.

What if trek is cancelled at the last moment due to natural reason ?

We will offer you an alternate trek of equal no. of days depending upon the weather conditions. All the arrangements for the tour are pre-planned and prepaid. In case of not completion of the tour due to any reason whatsoever there will not be any refund for any un utilized services. Any extra expense due any alteration has to be paid extra.

What is your Cancellation Policy

Up to 24 Days :- 95% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.

Between 14-24 Day :- 70% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.

Between 14-08 Days :- 50% of Trek/Tour cost will be refunded.

Less than 7 Days :- No refund